Walk With You - Jenny & Tyler - Of This IÕm Sure - Copyright 2015 One Eyed Cat Music (BMI)

Music and Lyrics by Tyler Somers (BMI) and Jennifer Somers (BMI)


When trouble comes a calling

And ainÕt nobody left hanging around

YouÕve been pacing day and night

Through the mazes of a melancholy mind


And you feel like screaming out loud

But for fear, youÕre not letting out a sound

When you think nobody gonna listen when youÕre down


You got to know, I will

I will walk

I will walk with you

Walk you through


That darkness all around us

Is a cruel crippling hand

And I know, I canÕt really know your sorrow

But I can try, try, try to understand


And you feel like dawnÕs a distant dream

And you fear there wonÕt be light enough to see

When you need somebody to help navigate these streets


DonÕt give in, donÕt you now

The dark canÕt win, hold on now

Hope my friend

It wonÕt disappoint you

DonÕt give in, donÕt you now

Open your hand, hold Ôem out

The broken can mend

Out here in the daylight
You got to know


I will, I will