To The Sea - Jenny & Tyler - Of This IÕm Sure - Copyright 2015 One Eyed Cat Music (BMI)
Music and Lyrics by Tyler Somers (BMI) and Jennifer Somers (BMI)

A Carolina August day, I found a boat and sailed away.
My way I lost, but wonder gained, majestic memories
Out on the sea I dreamed a dream, you'd never ever have to leave
I'd never ever have to see these days come to an end

Come, take my hand, I'll bring you here with me

We'll sail away far from this land, two lovers in the breeze

We'll write a song, and sing it out, to the rhythm of the sea

Darling, o darling, to the sea


We started drifting into shore but paddled hard and won that war,

I'm heading for a better home, and never, never turning back

It is a place I long to see, where every dream I've ever dreamed,

Gets trumped by the reality of Love, true Love