Walk With You - Jenny & Tyler - Of This IÕm Sure - Copyright 2015 One IVyed Cat Music (BMI) - Tempo 162 | 6/8 | Straight

Music and Lyrics by Tyler Somers (BMI) and Jennifer Somers (BMI)

V1:       I                       Vsus4add6/VII

When trouble comes a calling
                        vi                              IV   

And ainÕt nobody left hanging around
                        I               Vsus4add6/VII

YouÕve been pacing day and night
                  vi                                    IV   

Through the mazes of a melancholy mind

PC1:        I           Vsus4add6/VII

And you feel like screaming out loud
            vi                      IV   

But for fear, youÕre not letting out a sound
I     Vsus4add6/VII   vi                        IV        Vsus4add9/II

When you think nobody gonna listen when youÕre down

IV   I   Vsus4add6/VII

You got to know, I         will
IV   I   Vsus4add6/VII     vi

 I              will             walk
IV   I   Vsus4add6/VII     vi              C#m7

I          will                    walk with you

Walk you through

TURN1:     I     Vsus4add6/VII  | vi    IV     |  I     Vsus4add6/VII  | vi    IV 

V2: That darkness all around us

Is a cruel crippling hand

And I know, I canÕt really know your sorrow

But I can try, try, try to understand


PC2:And you feel like dawnÕs a distant dream

And you fear there wonÕt be light enough to see

When you need somebody to help navigate these streets


I: I                                                 vi                                        IV                                 Vsus4add9/II

    DonÕt give in; donÕt you now; the dark canÕt win; hold on now; hope my friend, It wonÕt disappoint you

DonÕt give in; donÕt you now; open your hand, hold Ōem out; the broken can mend out here in the daylight, you got to know

1/2CH3:    IV   I   Vsus4add6/VII        IV     I   Vsus4add6/VII

                  I            will                     I                will



OUT:   I     Vsus4add6/VII  | vi    IV     |  I     Vsus4add6/VII  | vi    IV