We hope this blog update finds you well!  Nashville has been beautiful over the past few weeks, with lots of sun, and lovely late Spring temperatures.  Jane’s been running around the backyard getting soaked by our newly attached hose.  Tyler’s been working with friends on the Sprinter Van, our new mini-tour-bus of sorts.  Baby Sara (3 weeks old today!) has generally just been sleeping a lot.  Jane is starting to take the older sister role seriously.  It’s been so sweet seeing her help (or at least try to help) take care of Sara through the day.  Below is a photo of the two of them a few days ago.  Jane actually held the bottle like that for a few minutes!  It’s pretty incredible being a family of four. We’re learning a lot.  So much is changing so quickly.  Here’s where we fill you in on some of those changes…this is a long email, so feel free to scroll to the bottom for a quick summary.

Our Kickstarter campaign launches TODAY!

We have BIG NEWS! We’re excited to announce that, as of a few hours ago, we just launched a Kickstarter campaign! What is Kickstarter? It’s a crowd-funding platform that allows you to be a part of making our ALBUM RELEASE TOUR and LIVE RECORD possible.

As many of you know, we’ve spent the past 6 years making music. When we started, things were pretty simple. We traveled alone in a Ford Taurus, cooked our dinners in a portable crock pot, and slept on air mattresses in the homes of strangers. Now we have two kids, travel in a big sprinter van, and bring opening acts on the road with us when we can. Things have changed a lot, but we still play our songs as just the two of us with our suitcase kick, glockenspiel, and acoustic instruments.

A few years ago we created a Kickstarter campaign to fund our record, Faint Not . We were blown away by the support the campaign received. Faint Not was much more successful than our previous record and ushered us into a new phase as a band. We were able to reach a bigger audience and impact more people with a message of perseverance, hope and truth.

The New Studio Record

We believe that music allows us to share a part of our story that we couldn’t otherwise. We process life through songwriting. For the past few years, we’ve thought about releasing a record comprised entirely of love songs, and not just the romantic kind: songs of Divine love; family love; friendship; even baby love. Relationships are one of the many joys of life. We hope that this will be an honest love story, one that looks at love in the broken and hard places as well as the happy ones. We want it to convey the message of grace and redemption in love. Love and relationships can be messy, but we trust that God can and will make all things new and beautiful.

We just recently finished being in the studio writing and recording our new record (just across from where Elvis recorded at RCA Studio B) with a truly wonderful person and excellent producer named Gabe Scott.  Gabe is gifted, both as a producer and musician.  He’s played on thousands of songs; in fact, you may have heard him playing on a record you own or at a show you’ve been to! We are so happy with the way the songs turned out and we want to share them with you!


The Album Release Tour + Live Record

Here’s the thing: this new record has a deep, full, layered sound. We feel that we cannot do the songs justice on our own, as just the two of us.  Because of that, we’d like to bring a musician or two on the road to give our set more of a full band feel.  And since we’ll have such talented people playing with us, we’d like to take the opportunity to make a LIVE RECORD! The record will include songs from the new album as well as old favorites like Faint Not, As Long As Our Hearts Are Beating, & One-Eyed Cat.

Be A Part Of This!

We’ve already paid for the new studio record, but we need YOUR help to fund the live record and the tour. Our goal is $15,000. We know that sounds like a lot, but it will barely cover the costs of the tour and the live record; expenses include: production costs (sound engineer at shows, the musicians, the mix and mastering engineers, equipment); artwork; CD replication; and more.

We’d love for you to consider making the tour and live record possible by backing our campaign. In addition to a limited edition copy of the live record, we’re offering all kinds of great rewards, like unreleased songs, the audio & video from a tiny desk style short set, a box of our favorite things, VIP tickets to the tour, your very own suitcase kick drum, handmade instruments, recording opportunities with Tyler, and more!

Stretch Goals

IF we happen to EXCEED $15,000, we also have a bunch of stretch goals with bonus rewards!  Printing the LIVE RECORD in VINYL would be awesome. Making a “best of” album from the first 3 records, one of which we don’t even sell anymore, might even be better. You could make that possible.  Also, the more money we raise, the more people we can potentially reach. We want to send the studio record out into the world and help it flourish.

We hope you’ll join us in telling this love story. Let’s do this together!

With love & gratitude,

Jenny & Tyler

– – – – – – – – – Click here for our Kickstarter Page or visit KICKSTARTJT.COM – – – – – – – – – –

In Summary:

– We’re releasing a new record in the fall!
– We’re planning a big tour in the fall, hope to make a live record, and need YOUR help!
– We’ve started a Kickstarter campaign to cover the costs of the tour & the live record.
– As a way of thanking you for your support, you’ll get all kinds of rewards, such as unreleased songs, the live-record itself, VIP tickets, a box of our favorite things, a suitcase kick of your own made by Tyler, handmade instruments, and recording your songs with us producing. There’s a lot more…so click below
– Click here for our Kickstarter Page or visit KICKSTARTJT.COM
– We appreciate you!

Thank you in advance & we hope to see you on the road!

Jenny & Tyler

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