Behind the tour

During covid, we SO missed being on the road, playing in front of real faces. We want to remedy that by getting back to our roots (i.e. playing house concerts)!

We’re calling this Out Of Doors & On The Road because we’re touring in backyards, open barns & other outdoor spaces (a cave perhaps?).

Our favorite types of shows are house concerts. It’s where we’ve met some of our closest friends. There’s something sweet and disarming about playing in homes. We’d like to create that same kind of environment, just outside instead of in.

All tickets come with a copy of our newest album, There Will Be a Song, and will be available for pickup at the show.

There will also be limited VIP & VIP family tickets which include: early entry, a 45-minute private meet & greet with acoustic performances and Q&A, and an autographed poster and CD.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Q. What is an outdoor house concert?

A house concert is just like it sounds: a concert at an individual’s home. Usually it’s in the living room. For this tour, it’ll be outside. We play music outdoors for about an hour and a half. It’s an intimate evening of stories and songs. Backyards, barns and other spaces should seat between 40 (usually at least an 800 sq. ft space) and 80 (at least an 1600 sq. ft space).

Q. What coronavirus-related safety precautions are being taken?

Because we’re playing outside, the risk for transmission is low. That said, both physical-distancing between parties and masks for non-vaccinated persons are encouraged. We’re both fully vaccinated, in case you want to know.

Q. How do I book an outdoor house show?

Fill out this booking form and tell us what you have in mind. We’ll see if we can work something out. Please send photos of your space!

Q. How much does a house show cost?

This depends on factors such as travel, availability, etc. Shoot us an email at and we’ll talk.

Q. How will it be promoted?

Aside from you inviting your friends, family and neighbors, anyway you want (i.e. email, phone, text, cards in the mail, etc.), we’ll typically promote it to people on our email list who live nearby, using the zip code to help folks know how far they’ll have to travel, and give out the address according to your instructions. For some that means having the address posted on our website, for others, only letting ticket holders know.

Q. Do you sell tickets for house concerts?

Yes, quite often, unless in the case of a private event. General Admission tickets are often pay-what-you-can/suggested donation. VIP & VIP family tickets have standard rates. We sell tickets at through Event Brite.

Q. Can tickets be refunded? 

Yes, but not if it’s within 5 days of the performance date. How do I get a refund? Email us at

Q. Is there a dress code?

Not really. Most people dress casually, not too casually though. I don’t think we’ve played to anyone in their pajamas.

Q. Do you take requests in your concerts?

Definitely! We also take requests via, and

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What To Expect & Provide

 What you, the host, provides 🙂

– BIG BACKYARD, OPEN BARN or OTHER SPACE with flat deck or level ground for stage & merch areas
– POWER for stage and merch areas via extension cords
REFRESHMENTS & SNACKS for guests (preferably self-serve/individual)
– VOLUNTEERS 2 folks that can help with load-in/out and merch*
– DINNER for Jenny & Tyler before the show*
– SPARE ROOM/BATHROOM for J&T during evening (not overnight)*
– 2 SMALL TABLES like this (20″x48″) or similarly sized when we’re flying in
– BATHROOM for guests during the event*

(*ideal, not mandatory)

What we provide 🙂

– LIVE MUSIC that lasts about an hour and a half 
– POWER STRIPS to plug in to host’s extension cords
– MEET & GREET with all guests after the show (+ VIP time before)
– PROJECTOR for short IJM presentation which includes this video
– TABLECLOTHS for host’s two small tables

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(generally, we try to stick to this)

2:30p Load-in and Set-up
4:45p Dinner
5:45p VIP Doors
6p VIP Pre-Show Start
6:45p VIP Pre-Show End
7p Doors
7:30p Show
9p Meet & Greet
10p: Load out

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Lodging & Travel


We prefer to stay in an airbnb, guest house, or isolated space within the host home if possible. Because of all the equipment we bring, hotels aren’t usually the best option. In any case, let’s plan to communicate further about this. Thanks!


FLIGHTS: We almost always fly Southwest because Jenny flies free via Tyler’s Southwest Companion Pass. Also, Southwest allow us to check (4) 50 pound bags for our sound and lighting equipment. 

CAR: In most cases, we’ll rent a car and cover the expense ourselves. However, depending on flight times and distance from the airport to the host home, we may request for the host to pick us up and drop us off. Let’s also communicate about this!

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