For Freedom Track #4
We Will Become Silhouettes

We Will Become Silhouettes – Jenny & Tyler – For Freedom
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At the beginning of this year we were asked to contribute to a Postal Service covers compilation album. Our friend Stephen Carradini over at Independent Clauses has written some kind reviews of our music in the past, and when he asked us to be a part of the project we were happy to lend our voices. All of the proceeds from the sale of that compilation benefit Hurricane Sandy relief. Check out that album here:  When this song is purchased through our For Freedom covers record, the tune supports anti-human trafficking organizations, just like the other tracks.

We didn’t know much about the Postal Service before Stephen asked us to be a part of the compilation. He sent us a couple of songs to choose from and we settled on We Will Become Silhouettes. We thought we could incorporate lots of harmonies and a’cappella-esque vocals to the track and we had a lot of fun doing it. The original is really bright and has more of a pop feel to it than most of the music we listen to. We thought it’d be nice to do something different.

Tyler actually began programming and arranging the tune on a flight home from California last spring in Garageband on our iPad. Technology is amazing. We began recording real instruments the next day. It was the first time I recorded vocals while pregnant and I remember being challenged by how difficult it was to breathe deeply and support my voice. As Jane continued to grow over the next couple of months I learned how to sing effectively and I actually think that some of my best vocal takes are on this EP.

Have a listen to the original if you please.  The video is pretty quirky.

When we recorded this, we were going for something sort of grandiose, almost anthemic.  The song seems to be about the near-death of a relationship and in some sense approaching the end of the writer’s world.  The imagery throughout the song speaks of preparation for a nuclear fallout or global catastrophe of some kind, hence the “I’ve got a cupboard with cans of food, filtered water…”   You don’t hear lyrics like this often, and that’s part of the reason we like it so much.

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Jenny & Tyler

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