For Freedom Track #6
What a Wonderful World

What a Wonderful World – Jenny & Tyler – For Freedom
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What a Wonderful World holds a special place in our hearts. Songs celebrating life without being cheesy are hard to come by.  What a Wonderful World is probably the best example of this we can think of.  The lyrics are simple yet profound; the chord progression and melody, emulating the brief journey of our lives, bring us through peaks and valleys.  The song served as the mother/son dance at our wedding and Tyler’s dad played piano and sang. When we decided to cover it we knew that it needed to retain its simplicity and subtle beauty.  We decided to sing the entire song together to communicate the idea that marveling at the wonders of life should be a ubiquitous and shared experience. Harmonies naturally followed.

This song was the last that we recorded for the album, just a few weeks after Jane was born.  We tracked some of the vocals while she was napping and the rest after she woke up.  Her cries can be heard softly at the end of the song, from 2:20-2:25.  We also added her heartbeat throughout the entire song, taken from the ultrasound the two days before she breathed her first breath (it’s best to listen with headphones to hear these well).  New life brings new hope. The way we enter the world is miraculous and truly wonderful.

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