Stretch Goals!


Two Virtual High-Fives! WE DID IT! We reached our goal!

As of 3 days ago, our Kickstarter Campaign (Album Release Tour + Live Record) is FULLY FUNDED!  We are SO grateful to those of you who checked out the campaign & espescially those who’ve become backers.  We write to you now because we want to talk about our STRETCH GOALS & ask for your help deciding what songs to put on the live record. The project is currently 117% funded, with 18 days left before the campaign ends.  We still haven’t chosen the musicians, sound engineer(s), mixing and mastering engineers, and visual artists to be a part of this project. The more money we raise, the higher the quality of people we can choose from, which means a better-sounding tour and live record, & eventually, we hope, more people enjoying the record.

Our FIRST STRETCH GOAL is a biggy ($30,000), but the result will be so sweet if we get there!  We just added a new reward, a Limited-edition Lyric Tote Bag, for every backer at TIER 6 ($50) + greater. That means that if we hit this stretch goal, we’ll be offering ALL of the following rewards:

$30,000 Stretch Goal Rewards

  • PDF of the story behind each song on the new record for every backer at TIER 2 & greater
  • Signed exclusive physical poster for every backer at TIER 4 & greater
  • Limited-edition Lyric Tote Bag for every backer at TIER 6 & greater
  • VINYL BABY! We’ll print the LIVE RECORD in 12″ VINYL and sign it for every backer at TIER 6 + greater.

Visit our Kickstarter page & consider becoming a backer at

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