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Stretch Goals!


Two Virtual High-Fives! WE DID IT! We reached our goal!

As of 3 days ago, our Kickstarter Campaign (Album Release Tour + Live Record) is FULLY FUNDED!  We are SO grateful to those of you who checked out the campaign & espescially those who’ve become backers.  We write to you now because we want to talk about our STRETCH GOALS & ask for your help deciding what songs to put on the live record. The project is currently 117% funded, with 18 days left before the campaign ends.  We still haven’t chosen the musicians, sound engineer(s), mixing and mastering engineers, and visual artists to be a part of this project. The more money we raise, the higher the quality of people we can choose from, which means a better-sounding tour and live record, & eventually, we hope, more people enjoying the record.

Our FIRST STRETCH GOAL is a biggy ($30,000), but the result will be so sweet if we get there!  We just added a new reward, a Limited-edition Lyric Tote Bag, for every backer at TIER 6 ($50) + greater. That means that if we hit this stretch goal, we’ll be offering ALL of the following rewards:

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$30,000 Stretch Goal Rewards

  • PDF of the story behind each song on the new record for every backer at TIER 2 & greater
  • Signed exclusive physical poster for every backer at TIER 4 & greater
  • Limited-edition Lyric Tote Bag for every backer at TIER 6 & greater
  • VINYL BABY! We’ll print the LIVE RECORD in 12″ VINYL and sign it for every backer at TIER 6 + greater.

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Visit our Kickstarter page & consider becoming a backer at

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Help us with the Live Record’s TRACK LIST!

We’re in the process of putting together a list of potential songs for the album release tour & live record and need your help! We’d love to know what your top 3 original Jenny & Tyler songs are by typing them in the 3 boxes below & clicking submit:

What are your top 3 Jenny & Tyler songs?

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For Freedom Track #7
I Still Haven’t Found What I’m Looking For


Believe it or not, neither Jenny nor I grew up listening to U2. We found them later in life. In fact, we ended up discovering U2’s “The Joshua Tree” in mid-2011, after we asked fans on Facebook what music they would suggest we listen to. Days later, we would discover arguably one of the most iconic albums of all time. We’d heard a bunch of the songs on The Joshua Tree before, but never in the right order, never as a complete work. It blew us away. It still does today.

We chose “I Still Haven’t Found What I’m Looking For” for this covers album because it’s our favorite track on “The Joshua Tree.” It’s our favorite track because of a few reasons. First, the lyrics are some of the most profound and honest we’ve ever heard. Bono doesn’t leave much out.

In the first verse, we see a love that very few of us have ever seen, yet a love that, I would argue, all of us long for. This love would “climb highest mountain”, “run”, crawled”, “scaled these city walls”, yet this love is not enough; he still hasn’t found what he’s looking for.

In verse two, Bono speaks of the thrill of a relationship. He uses sensual, visceral language: “I have kissed honey lips, felt her healing in my fingertips; it burned like fire, this burning desire. He then moves to spiritual experience, both light and dark. “I have spoke with the tongue of angels; I have held the hand of a devil.” And while engaging the spiritual world felt euphoric at the time (“it was warm in the night”), he was left hardened and calloused (“I was cold as a stone”). Yet these experiences are not enough. His thirst is not fully quenched.

In verse three, Bono speaks of his belief in “the kingdom come, when all the colors…will bleed into one.” I take this to mean the kingdom of God, where there is no distinguishing or discriminating between race, color, sex, or social/economic status (see Galatians 3:28). All who are in Christ Jesus are one. There is such power in these words, possibly because we know this not to be case in the world today, but some part of us so desires this to manifest. Do you not long for the day when all will be made right, when injustice will be replaced by righteousness, oppression by freedom, hate by love?

Bono then goes on to cite the ensuing freedom accomplished on the cross of Jesus Christ, where Jesus “broke the bonds…loosed the chains, carried the cross of my shame.” This line feels like the pinnacle of the song. Yet even this is not enough; he still hasn’t found what he’s looking for. The honesty is brutal, yet so relevant. I believe that Bono is relating to the apostle Paul here. It not that the cross is not a complete work for the salvation of the world, it is. I think Bono would agree; “you know I believe it.” It’s that even though Bono has tasted the goodness and beauty of God and His grace, found life in and through Jesus, he’s not arrived yet, that is, he and the world around him are not perfect – and he has not yet experienced perfection. See 1 Corinthians 13:12 and Philippians 1:23; we see dimly, as in a mirror. One day we shall we face to face. That is arguably what we’re all looking for, to be with God, experiencing the fullness of His glory, unhindered.

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Behind the lyrics of “In Everything You Do”

When Jane was born, we learned to love in a way we never had before. With that love came a strong desire to shelter her from the harshness of the world, from pain, fear, doubt, etc. We know that we won’t be able to keep her from these things. We can, however, try to teach her how to face them, persevere, and grow. Moreover, and more importantly, we can try to show her that she is deeply loved.

Here’s a lyric video we just put together. It was a beautiful day in Nashville when we released this song, so we decided to take our daughter Jane out for a walk and bring the camera. None of this was staged. Jane just led the way and we followed.

Featured on iTunes’ Native: Americana Spotlight album:
Chords & lyrics at

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I Still Haven’t Found What I’m Looking For

(feat. Sara Groves & some of you in our virtual choir!)

Remember last summer when we asked you to submit videos to be part of a virtual choir for our cover of U2’s “I Still Haven’t Found What I’m Looking For”?  We do too!

Here’s the thing: We had a baby

You’ve heard your lovely voices on the audio recording, but now we can all FINALLY see your shining faces in the video!!!

We hope you really like it. Share it with your friends, family, neighbors, barista, flight attendant…

Touring commences soon!

After about a month off the road, we’re heading out again.  We have a few shows coming up! Click on the dates for all of the details.

8/16 Wilmington, DE, Brandywine Valley Baptist Church

8/22 Gloucester, MA, Community Church of East Gloucester

8/31 Ocean City, NJ, Ocean City Tabernacle

Now booking the Fall/Winter…

We’re just starting to booking this Fall/Winter, so if you’re interested in hosting a show at your college, venue, wedding, church, etc., contact Micah Watson at The Clementine Agency:

Finally…the new record!

Our new full-length, original record is pretty much finished, aside from mastering and a few other things! We’re not sure when it will release just yet. Be on the look out for updates!

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